Youth Development Summit 2013 on Post MDGs 2015 Agenda

We are delighted to announce the convening of the Youth Development Summit 2013 on the post MDGs 2015 Agenda, scheduled to hold in Sierra Leone, March 19 – 21, 2013. Jointly convened by the Youth Millennium Development Ambassadors, Democracy Sierra Leone, Worldview Mission and with technical support by the UNAIDS and the Millennium Development Ambassadors, the summit is expected to attract youth leaders and leaders of youth focused organizations in West Africa and around the world to discuss on the theme “Putting Young People at the Heart of Sustainable Development”. The summit will be held at the British Council Hall, Freetown, Sierra Leone.

With only less than 3 years to the end of MDGs target year in 2015, poverty remains a major global challenge and priority. What then would be the most effective way to take the international development agenda forward after 2015? Youth participation is fundamental for the post-2015 agenda. They are the ones that will have to do the heavy lifting in its implementation. Young people are not homogeneous group and have numerous differentials based on habitat, environment, socio-economic status of their families and their own life styles. Therefore the conference will seek to address the following important key questions and issues:

  • What have been the major hindrances and challenges in West Africa towards achieving the MDGs? Where did we do it wrong?
  • What role have young people played in promoting youth-led development towards achieving the MDGs?
  • Even after our efforts of 12 years trying to eradicate poverty, why do we still have more than 218 million people living in extreme poverty in Sub-Saharan Africa?
  • Are our countries committed and doing enough to creating decent jobs and reducing youth unemployment?
  • What can we do between now and 2015, in a collaboration between the young people, governments, development partners, civil society and other stakeholders, to meet some of MDGs targets and making sure that all is not lost and we did our best.
  • As it is their right, how will we ensure and support West African youth participation in the national, regional and international consultations onPost-2015 Development Agenda and their inputs included in its formulation
  • What are the priorities of West African Youth in the Post-2015 Agenda?
  • What are the existing best practices in West Africa on engaging youth in implementing the Millennium Development Goals programs and projects?

The summit strategic objectives include:

  1. To bring together youth activists to review the attainment of MDGs in West Africa, develop strategies for accelerating the achievement of the MDGs and plan for the Post-2015 Development Framework.
  2. To strengthen partnership within youth organizations in the region to implement MDGs based projects.
  3. To create a platform for young people to learn and share their best practices in their actions towards achieving the MDGs.
  4. To mobilize and motivate young people to actively get involved in the ongoing national, regional and international consultations on the Post-2015 Development Agenda.
  5. To Present an African Youth Declaration on the Post-2015 Development Agenda.
  6. To explore strategies of promoting a West Africa Youth Service for Development Initiative
  7. To discuss innovative approaches to empowering young people for sustainable development and have to the voices of African youth on the post MDGs 2015 clearly articulated and heard

The expected outcome of the summit shall be to:

  • Present an African Youth Declaration on Post 2015 Development Agenda
  • Come up with a youth-led strategy on advocacy and action projects to undertake in accelerating the achievement of MDGs in West Africa
  • Creation of Provincial Youth Working Groups that will facilitate collaboration with the Youth Millennium Development Ambassadors, Democracy Sierra Leone, Worldview Mission, Government and UN Country Teams to actively get involved in the post-2015 development framework
  • Identify organization that are youth oriented in supporting new and innovative ideas on MDGs and upscale the existing ones in each of the regions in various thematic areas with focus on rural development and poverty eradication.
  • Prioritizing investment in youth as key drivers of development.

More information on how to register and other details coming up soon


7 Responses to Youth Development Summit 2013 on Post MDGs 2015 Agenda

  1. I quiet agree that we play a vital role in the development agendas of African continent. I love this program and wish to have the application link. How can we participate and will I be given an opportunity to present my projects and address the effects of climate change on Universal basic Education?

  2. Ayendi Godwin Undikeye says:

    As a Youth Ambassador For Peace, and an Ambassador For Peace of The Universal Peace Federation (UPF) as well as State President, Nigeria Union Of Local Government Employees(NULGE ),Cross River, Nigeria I cannot but agree that such a soul searching summit is necessary. NULGE ‘s membership nation wide(Nigeria) is 50% youth and does constitute the critical component of the service delivery team at the grassroots . Yet we cannot claim that the MDG goals would be met come 2015.

  3. Olaoluwa Abagun says:

    This is a very laudable venture and I would be most elated to participate and make the change happen in Africa. I believe the MDGs can be met by 2015, if only African youths could rise up and step up their game. I belong to a global,goal-oriented and proactive youth organisation-AIESEC. We run various projects and most of them center around achieving the MDGs and we’ve been very successful so far. It is very possible to reach our set goals…In the words of Nelson Mandela “It is impossible until it is done.”

  4. Thanks for a such arrangement.
    This is Bob from Uganda, am very happy for a such arrangement, may be this could tackle the problems that youths face in the attempts to participate in their countrys’ development.

    It is common here in African countries that youth participation in development is not recognized and are therefore left behind and this has led to the continual suffering of youths in the entire continent.Let me hope that these summits will, this time pave the way for youth’s participation in the development and left to free participate.

  5. I am much happy that there will be a youth summit on the post 2015 MDGs in Africa, this is a great initiative and worth commending.
    Africa is a great challenge to the implementation of the post 2015 MDGs and the involvement of young people in policy formulation and decision making at all levels, there is a need that young people wake up and start taking initiatives that are very productive and improve their lives. I will also appreciate that were you to send me information relative to the Summit application process.
    Contact me through the provided email.

  6. Mr Adamu kamale says:

    Pls send me an invitation to the summit. The letter is to be address to:
    Hon Adamu Kamale, Chairman House committee on MDGs, Adamawa state House of Assembly,Nigeria.

  7. Comrade Peter Edeh says:

    As a founder save Nigerian youth, I like a programme of this kind to incorporate the youths in policy making and alleviate poverty and high rate of unemployment on the side of the youth. Wish to be part of this next time.

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